Musings after a sleep deprived night- a night with Dachsies With Moxie

Has anyone ever experienced the pleasure of sleeping with three dachshunds and a husband in a queen sized bed? I do, and have every night for the past three weeks, since we agreed to foster The Thai Master, a 13 year old black and tan short fur with back problems. Thai is a dream in the bed- his co conspirators Ginger and Chip are another story!!! We have had Ginger for almost two years now- she is 9 and a red short fur, while Chip joined us in September, after my Dad died. All three are from DRNA. Ginger licks you for what seems to be hours, then burrows under the covers for what is an eternity, then pops back out to sleep on the top of the covers for the rest of the night. Chip, Mr Linguine, wriggles all over the bed while the Ginger licking occurs, and then dives underneath, usually for the night. But no, last night, he wriggled his way to the top, and kept moving so that I would have to sit up, readjust the dachshund hordes so that i had more than two inches from the edge, and then attempt to lie down in the area that had just been cleared of dachshund bed mines- NOT!!! Every time, Chip was right back where he belonged, and Mom had to go through this process again. Minor success would be met on the fourth or fifth try. Thai just lay on his side, near the foot of the bed, his head nearest the edge. he usually starts on my side but ends up by Geoffs feet in the morning- not a peep out of him either. Geoff, on the other hand, slept the sleep of the innocent! Nothing disturbed him, NADA. Ane, no sympathy from him either this morning!

There is no way in this world that Chip is a dachshund, none. He wiggles around as if he were a batch of cooked linguine! He is so athletic that he fears nothing- high jumps into the air when you arrive (after having the nerve to neglect him in the first place by going out and abandoning him at home while you run errands). No need for an alarm system with the Dachsies With Moxie around either- the entire street can hear them barking when someone has the gall to pass in front of thier castle!!! Thankfully they are friendly and love other dogs and people, once they stop defending their turf.

Usually, Chip and Ginger settle down quickly, even with the licking and diving under the covers routines, approximately 10 minutes pass. I think the extra wiggle room is due to the fact that they know something is up, as we are going out of town for the weekend, complete with the Moxietude horde, to visit my dying godmother in SC. When my Dad died last September, Ginger, a Moxietude horde of one, acted in a similar manner. Hopefully the Thai Master and Mr. Linguine will behave for the car ride tomorrow- Ginger loves long car rides, but neither one of our tough guys have experienced a day long road trip. They both love car rides, since it usually means that Mom fell for their big sad soulful eyes, and takes them to McDonalds for a double cheeseburger sans condiments. They have car seats and harnesses so they stay in the back for the ride to and from their favorite drive thru

Our Dachsies With Moxie even have their own blog-

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