I’m Back!!!

Sorry to have taken an unannounced hiatus, but my depression made a roaring comeback and all I had any desire to do was sleep. Yes, I did link to some of my favorite sites, especially Catholic ones, but it was easier to do than write an original thought. The idea of sleep was mesmerizing and that was that!!!

Will not have a Rule 5 Sunday posting until Valentine’s Day, as we are going to be in South Carolina this weekend to visit my godmother, who is in hospice care. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

On the dachshund front, we have acquired a third DRNA dachsie, this time to foster. Thai is 13 years old and had undergone the IVDD surgery four years ago, but has fully recovered. He walks and runs with the funniest gait, and suffers from arthritis in his hind quarters. He is simply a doll, and a love.

Thrilled that Scott Brown won, wish that Andrezeski (sp) had won the GOP primary in Illinois, along with Hughes in the Senate primary. At least that RINO Dillard, who was in an Obama ad, did not win the primary. Rumor has it that the McKenna who ran is a distant cousin, but who knows?

One response to “I’m Back!!!

  1. The number of us who walk a tightrope with depression is… pardon me, depressing! – Glad you weathered the downsweep and are back.

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