Thank you!!!!

Last night, while we were celebrating our foster Thai’s veterinarian visit (clean bill of health!!!) we watched the returns on the Massachusetts special election. Not trusting polls, Democrats, SEIU, ACORN and their other thuggish allies, it was still nail biting for me. Scott Brown pulled off the upset of the century, winning election to The People’s Seat, in accordance with the will of the people of Massachusetts. :The Scott Heard Around the World” was exactly that. More importantly, his victory was outside the margin of theft!!!!Now, how about the 2010 midterm elections and the 2012 elections? Who’s next on the take down list?

Mr. Brown won in no small part, due to the RNC, RSCC, and other GOP establishment types staying out of his way. Yes his campaign received a half a million bucks from the GOP establishment (and thankfully they kept quiet about it, due to their foolishness over Scozzafave in NY23). However, Mr. Brown won on the issues facing the country and his constituents, and with dignity and a willingness to take the fight into the enemy’s backyard. He never gave up, which augurs well for his service in the US Senate. Yes he is pro abortion, but is against partial birth abortion and supports parental notification. At least he is not a pro abortion Catholic!!!(Senator Brown is Protestant and his opponent Catholic)

Congartulations to Senator SCott Brown, Republican, Massachusetts.

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