No Sheeples Here: Plan C And The Art Of Never Giving Up

The Goddess of the Photoshop, Carol at No Sheeples Here, is being brutalized by His Awesomeness, The Other McCain and his sidekick SMitty.  At issue is the BCS National Championship, in Pasadena, in which the Alabama Crimson Tide  will decisively defeat the the Texas Longhorns.  (I am not a bookie, but I ‘m just sayin’!!!)  Anyhoo, His fearlessness acquired press credentials for this hedonistic jaunt of Caligulan proportions, and failed to extend them to Carol, the Tides greatest fan on Earth.  This injustice must not go unanswered.  Therefore, in order for Carol to receive her true reward for her faithful fellowship, the tip jar at The Other McCain must be hit, and hit hard, so that he may bring back appropriate lucre for the Goddess!!!  ROLL TIDE!!!!

via No Sheeples Here: Plan C And The Art Of Never Giving Up.

Stacy McCain has a post up over at his place urging his more generous readers to join Coach McCain’s Winning Team. He unveils three plans for his “Pasadena or Bust” campaign. Plan A involves asserting pressure on the Tournament of Roses Committee. Plan B incorporates the less than savory approach of bribing a Rose Bowl security guard and Plan C involves bribing his readers.
Stacy’s persistence reminds me of a postage stamp wherein the most interesting thing about them is the persistence with which they stick to their job. As Stacy always says, “Hit the tip jar, you ungrateful bastards.”
Frankly, I’m not sure why I’m helping promote his tip jar donations. He’s not taking me to see the “Game of the Century” so I can be an eyewitness to Alabama’s glorious triumph over a bunch of cowpokes and he hasn’t indicated he would bring me back an autographed program from the game. I must be a glutton for blogger abuse.

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