Dems positioning to rig November elections?


via Dems positioning to rig November elections?.

Can falsified registrations become votes? If the feds push universal voter registration by overriding state elections procedures, you bet, says John Fund of the WSJ.

“What does universal voter registration mean?  It means all state laws will be overridden by a federal mandate.  At that point you will have destroyed the integrity of the registration process.  This is their stealth bill . . . it is even more sneaky than the healthcare bill.”

John Fund, Wall Street Journal

If you think ACORN voter registration and fraud threaten the integrity of the American electoral process, just wait until Chuck Schumer and Barney Frank get their way.  *

For many years, John Fund has been warning about Democrat efforts to redesign the electoral process.  These ‘reforms’ are sold as ways of improving the process.  Fund insists they are designed to manage favorable outcomes for Democrats, going so far as to say last November that the Democrats are working to subvert and corrupt the voter registration process.

Here is Fund’s word-for-word presentation on this topic last November at the David Horowitz forum:

“Democrats were very rattled by the November 3rd (2009) election results.  What do liberals do when they lose elections?  They change the rules.  In January, Chuck Schumer and Barney Frank will propose universal voter registration.  What is UVR? It means all of the state laws will be overridden by a federal mandate.

“The feds will tell the states: ‘Take everyone on every list of welfare recipients, take everyone on every list of unemployed you have, take everyone on every list of property owners, all driver’s license holders, and register them to vote, regardless of whether they want to be. Oh, and by the way there will be felon re-enfranchisement too.

“At that point you have destroyed the integrity of the registration process.

“Now, they will sell this very cleverly.  They will say, ‘Well, OK, ACORN did have some problems with voter registration . . . we should not have these third-party rogue groups out there, so let’s put ACORN out of business.  Let’s register everybody!’

Now, the problem is of course is there are a lot of duplicates. And there are a lot of people on those rolls who are illegal alients.

“There are a lot of people on those rolls . . . it’s not a clean list.

“They (the Dems) don’t care.

So this is the issue you haven’t hear about.  There is a reason you haven’t heard about it.  They don’t want you to hear about it.

The path between the day this bill is introduced and the day it hits the House floor will probably be less than two weeks.

“Get ready for it.  You can stop it.  Don’t get me wrong, but this is their stealth bill that is even more sneaky than the healthcare bill.


You will soon hear the hard Left wail about how corrupt John Fund is and how conservative nutjobs and rightwing loons are simply pushing another conspiracy theory to advance the ‘destroy Obama witch hunt.’

As far as this citizen journalist is concerned, the fact Fund is attacked by Media Matters and Mother Jones and others only serves to increase his credibility.

Back to the central issue however, the question is: can falsified registrations become votes?  Read all about it right here.

We have always held to the tradition that individuals register themselves.   This is a built-in system to maintain integrity.  Allowing the federal government to jam universal voter registration opens the process to corruption, but that is the purpose.

Democrats know full well they’ll reap millions of votes in the process, once the process is corrupted in this way.


* Note that the Obama DOJ has refused to investigate ACORN in the wake of the sex slave scandal coming from student investigative journalism work.  Notice that ACORN board members that called for a full audit have been fired.  Notice the Senate voting 83-7 in September in favor of a ban on further ACORN funding.  Pelosi had prevented many attempts to place the issue on the floor of the House.  Evenso, in September the House voted 345-75 to cut ACORN funding via a student aid bill.

And guess what? ACORN is still receiving federal funds. ACORN sued and in the first round, won. The votes to cut funding in Congress were ruled unconstitutional.  Any bets on whether or not the Obama DOJ will appeal?

Here Rep. Steve King promises an investigation of ACORN and predicts it will lead to the White House and President Obama who once worked for ACORN.


From Michelle Malkin.


Even more concerns as detailed here by Jim Simpson, former White House economist.

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