HT New National Strike January 20th – All Patriots on deck!

National Strike January 20th – All Patriots on deck!
December 21st, 2009

The government we are experiencing in the United States is nothing like we have ever experienced before, and the people who realize this are fighting like mad to make sure everyone gets informed about this dangerous behavior. Mr. Obama has put in place radicals that should not be allowed in the corridors power of this country let alone any position that determines the fate of this country. We as patriotic Americans have to stand up and have our voices heard!

I as well as many others have come up with the idea of having a national strike to show our displeasure for the direction our elected officials are taking this country. Now is the time to join together with your friends and neighbors to attempt to save out country from these left leaning radicals.

Here are some general guidelines I would like to set forth for everyone to think about.

1.This movement is strictly a peaceful movement and in my mind the January 20th event should be to recruit, educate and solidify American Patriots in one focused goal.

The goal is to make America great again and to stop our destructive government from damaging our economic system, to stop the corruption within the government and to restore the hope and change we were promised. It is true the Patriots protecting America are it’s hope and change, and it’s best chance to make America great!

2. We need numbers to come out across the country and have a show of “force”. To show force one does not have to act in a violent manner by any means. This is intended to speak directly to the government and explicitly say, “WE ARE YOUR BOSSES”!

When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. Thomas Jefferson

3. This is really just the start of our freedom movement – all options are on the table.

More information to come – stay tuned!
Patriots unite

Patriots unite

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