Gateway Pundit- Fistgate XII

Gateway Pundit.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009, 3:43 PM
Jim Hoft

Just what every 7th grader needs to know…
Obama’s Safe Schools Czar’s organization held teen conferences where not only did they talk about fisting and hand out fisting kits but they distributed needle handling instructions:

Mass Resistance posted this pamplet from a 2000 GLSEN conference. Barack Obama’s “Safe” Schools Czar founded GLSEN in and was the director

And the pamplet also included safe d*ldo instructions for your young curious male/female teen:

“If you’re having sex with anyone and using dildoes or other sex toys… ”

The same group that handed out this pamphlet (Boston GLASS) led four different workshops at the 2000 GLSEN Conference (see conference booklet).

Mass Resistance has much more on the GLSEN Conference materials.

Today Kevin Jennings is Barack Obama’s “Safe” Schools Czar.

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